Living Your Truth

The Cobra of Truth: An Essay on Living Your Truth

The unbridled meanderings of a footloose wordsmith occasionally stumble upon the Truth.

At the damnedest times, Truth will rear up, like a cobra ready to strike.

Most of us run when faced head-on with the stinging barb of Truth.

Unaccustomed as we are to experiencing Truth, it feels like the enemy.

What happens, then, when we look this Cobra of Truth in the eye?

If we’re smart, we love it.
If we’re brave, we embrace it.
If we’re wise, we own it.

At all costs, we must acknowledge the presence of Truth. Try as we might to avoid it, work around it, or ignore it, once we recognize it, there it sits – that silent challenge to our status quo.

Living “with” the Truth is a little like sleeping with the enemy. You know it’s there, but it’s not you.

“Living” the Truth means you become that cobra, embodying the truth you see.

Truth comes from love. Love comes from the Infinite. The Truths of the Universe are inviolate. Your personal truths are based on Universal Truths.

Living your Truth brings you into harmony with All That Is, so that your light may shine more brightly and the way be seen more clearly.

This is all that has ever been asked of us.

In 2008, I published this piece on the older version of, when it was primarily about market
ing, rather than writing. This message pretty much sums up what we’re doing here and what happens when we attempt to face our truth(s) and live them.


© 2008 Barbara Casey

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