5 Holiday Moving Tips

If you’re planning to move to a new home during the Christmas holidays, here are a few holiday moving tips to make the event less stressful (and less expensive).

1. Mid-week is Cheaper

If you’re hiring movers, it’s typically less expensive to move during the week, rather than the weekend. Scheduling moving staff on weekends could mean paying time-and-a-half, which would be passed on to the client – you.

2. Worst Days for DIY Local Moves

Are you handling your own local move using friends with trucks? Then you’ll want to work around the worst heavy-traffic days. These include Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and the Saturday before Christmas Day.

3. Book Your Move Early

If you’re moving long-distance, call the moving company as early as possible to reserve the dates you need. Moving company staff take time off during the holidays, too… so your options may be more limited than at other times of the year. Book early!

4. Winter Weather Holiday Moving Tips

If you’re DIY moving during inclement weather conditions, make sure to have a change of clothes in your vehicle, should you have to shovel your way out of a jam… and make sure the shovel and salt are in the same vehicle.

It’s strongly recommended to have the heat and electricity turned on in your new home before you arrive, so you’re not hunkering down in a freezing house the first night… especially if you have young children.

5. Moving Announcements Can Double As Christmas Cards

Your moving announcements can do double duty as your holiday greeting cards, especially if you use the easy-to-personalize cards that let you type in your new contact info along with your personal Christmas greeting… so you’re not hand-writing dozens of cards when you should be packing boxes.

5 Holiday Moving Tips