Christmas Plaid – A New Tradition

Christmas Plaid makes holiday decorating fun… and colorful. Not to mention… plaid and tartan patterns in holiday colors give a pop of color to Christmas cards and gifts. In fact, it’s getting to be a traditional holiday design theme on Zazzle, where I’ve been making my personalized Christmas cards every year since 2009.

I enjoyed creating my own cards so much, I became a Zazzle designer and now design cards and gifts that other folks can personalize with their own text and names. One of the big holiday design themes recently has been plaids and tartans… in colors that say “Christmas.” This trend doesn’t seem to be letting up, either… that’s why it feels like a tradition now.

Need a few Christmas plaid ideas?

One of the most popular patterns on greeting cards is the red and black Buffalo Plaid, but I’ve seen more delicate plaid patterns on Christmas newlywed cards, too. If you love plaid and tartan designs, just hop over to Zazzle to check out some of the Christmas Plaid best-sellers.

Here’s a graphic with the top-selling plaid and tartan colors for the holiday season:

Top-selling Christmas plaid colors

The new season’s holiday greeting cards are being designed and added daily, so if you’re planning to create your own personalized cards and gifts, Zazzle is ready with fabulous ideas and very easy templates for adding your own words and names. And make sure to watch for the upcoming sales, so you can purchase your items up to 50% off. You’ll find a direct link to the current coupons and promotions page in the sidebar.

Happy creating!