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New Radiance Corporation was formed by Barbara Casey and Patricia Fogelsonger in 1994, publishing 5 editions of the New Radiance Metaphysical & Holistic Florida Directory, a print publication whose last issue was distributed in 2002, when the internet became the “go-to” resource for information. After Patricia went on to explore ministerial studies in the mid-nineties, Barbara carried on as sole owner of the company.

The next step for New Radiance was to become a major resource for marketing information for holistic healers and metaphysicians, with a 200-page website, multiple tutorials and a bi-weekly newsletter.

A family medical crisis in 2009 curtailed new activities for the company, which is coming back to life as a mother-son partnership.

Barbara and Ian Casey are using the New Radiance platform to explore and publish ideas that illuminate the values of peace, love and living our truth.

It is our attempt at “seeing a new Way” (in the Taoist tradition of the word). And sharing as we learn.

A little light here… a little light there… until we collectively radiate enough of our own light to make a difference.

More about Barbara and Ian:

Barbara is a 75-year-old inspirational writer and blogger who did her share of protesting establishment norms in the 1960s. Today, she uses this blog and her Zazzle shops to create positive energy through images and words.

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Website BarbaraCasey.com

Ian Casey

Ian Casey

Ian is a 36-year-old guy who loves life. After nearly dying in 2009, he now realizes how precious it truly is. He is interested in finding ways to survive the zombie apocalypse… but barring that, would just like to survive into his old age.

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