Being the Light

Filling up with Divine Light isn’t quite the same as gassing up our car. There are no service stations that proclaim “the Light sold here: $4 a boost.”

Some will say that churches are the service centers where people go to fill up with Light. A good preacher and fervent hymn-singing might inspire us to feel the presence of God. But what happens Monday morning? Are we still immersed in the Eternal Glow?

What does “being the Light” even mean?

So many religions project the Infinite Being outward, often as a judging, paternal figure. But what if the Light of the Infinite is actually a dormant energy existing within EVERY person and creature in the Universe? What if the responsibility for God’s immense beauty and love is up to you and me?

That changes the game, doesn’t it?

If we are already part of the Light Source, then carrying the Light of the Infinite becomes an integral aspect of our everyday life and not just an exercise we set aside for two hours on the weekend. How do we replenish the Light in between church visits?

How serious is anyone about this responsibility anyway? For example, do you believe that you are contributing to the expansion of “God-energy” with your words and deeds? Or, like most, do you slough that responsibility off onto priests or angels… or messiahs?

Imagine how different our world would be if even ten percent of us figured this out. When every thought and action enhances or diminishes the energy of Life, would we not be more careful about what we were going to say or do? Would we not figure out ways to become more loving and compassionate?

Wouldn’t we learn new ways to add to our own Light energy so we could feel the God Presence Within every minute of every day?

What else are we here for? Pieces of paper with dollar signs on them?