A Writing Journal for Silently Screaming

In 2010, I wrote/channeled a poem about the inability to say out loud or in print what was literally clamoring against my mind—words that should have been said to the person(s) who needed to hear them. Silently screaming, in other words.

I don’t recall now what prompted all this, but I’m sure it’s a familiar story.

If you experience silent screams caused by writer’s block, a tough time in your life, or despair brought about by uncaring politicians, you might be able to relate to this poem.

When no one hears me,
My voice
Breaks in two;
Speaking words of
No import
To those who do
Not listen;
Silently screaming
The sounds that
Could be heard,
Should be heard,
But are not heard
And so remain
Unsaid aloud
Yet echo, echo echo
On the margins
Of my mind

© 2010 Barbara Casey

“Silent Screams” Writing Journal Notebook

In these changing times, New Radiance is using words and graphic images to create positive energy… a little light here, a little light there. As a Zazzle designer, I have a unique way of sharing my inspirational writings on a variety of items, from t-shirts to notebooks to coffee mugs to kitchen towels (and pillows and tote bags and greeting cards and postage stamps).

Yesterday, I created a “Silent Screams” cover design for a lined notebook for journaling the words that we can’t or won’t say out loud… at least not yet. Journals are a safe way to let off steam and compile our thoughts for future publication, whether on a blog, a Facebook post or a coffee mug. This notebook is easy to personalize by using the template on the product page, where you can revise the person’s name from “Natalia” to the silent screamer in question.