Viewing Life From the Perspective of Eternity

Seeing Truth in Chaos Mandala Multi-color Abstract Notebook

One of the purposes of this blog is to bring a higher perspective to life’s unfolding events. I call this “viewing life from the perspective of eternity.”

I try to do this in my own life, with varying success, and have been called to write about the concept at this time in our human evolution. When the energy of eternity enters the picture, the message carries more punch. I guess it’s time to see if we can handle it.

The Earth will be undergoing many changes over the coming years. Many of these changes have been predicted or are fairly self-evident, so there is no reason not to start preparing.

I live in Florida and have learned firsthand that, while a hurricane is mostly a weather event and nothing to be feared, those of us who prepare adequately can manage the chaos of the event and its outcome more easily than those who fiddle about while the storm approaches.

The same holds true for any big change, whether it’s an adjustment in the economy, the earth’s climate, or a political system. All of these areas are undergoing shifts now all over the globe. So how do we keep ourselves and our family safe during these somewhat chaotic times?

The Divine Presence within each of us sees this picture from the perspective of eternity. In the stillness, you can ask for guidance on how to weather any storm, manmade or natural. Your eternal self is not affected by the events taking place on earth, but your physical self will be much more comfortable with a few preparations in place.

And in Florida a hurricane “to-do” list is a good starting point. Not to mention the other “upheavals” needing our attention.