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How I Learned to Create a Profitable Zazzle Store

5 Step Profit Plan Program

I joined Zazzle in 2009 to make my own personalized Christmas cards and mugs with photos I took around the neighborhood. I didn’t do much with my New Radiance Zazzle store for the next few years and didn’t keep up with the improvements that had taken place on the site. So I was very happy to come across Elke Clarke’s Zazzle “beginner” course 7 Days to Success in late 2016 to get up to speed on Zazzle’s site changes.

More importantly, after hearing Elke’s personal success story with Zazzle earnings, I realized Zazzle could be a viable “side hustle” to augment my Social Security. I was so impressed with the “beginner” training that I signed up immediately when Elke launched the more advanced 5 Step Profit Plan Program the following July.

My Ah-Ha Moment

That’s when I understood that I could earn a living income with Zazzle, doing work I enjoyed providing products that people wanted and needed. In addition, Elke’s training helped me figure out a design niche that works for me.

The 5 Step Profit Plan Program now also includes the 7 Days to Success course in the package. This program will get your Zazzle shop up, running, and earning in a very short time.

Elke Clarke’s programs are simply the best online business investments I’ve ever made. The lessons are hands-on, how-to, and step-by-step. Easy to follow and spot-on for what’s needed. And with the added mentoring program, you get personal, practical advice from Elke Clarke and her daughter, Jen.

After working with Elke, I can see my way clear to being a full-time designer with a fun, creative way to showcase my inspirational writing.