Creating Positive Energy with Postage Stamps

Our mission is creating positive energy through images and words… and one way we do this is via custom-designed postage stamps that we make on Zazzle.

I’m an inspirational writer and employ the Zazzle platform to distribute my motivational sayings and poems on greeting cards with matching postage. Well… on pillows, notebooks and tote bags, too… but I find great satisfaction when the postal service approves one of my stamps with my own designs and writings on them.

I’ve also made stamps with our company logo:

New Radiance Watercolor Corporate Logo Postage

This is the holiday postage I designed to match my Christmas cards:

Traditions of Christmas | Ornaments on the Tree PostageWe’ve all seen t-shirts covered in inspirational words, but designing for postage requires a design that transfers well to a small space, a couple of inches or less. At the same time, the card you’re matching it with is quite a bit larger. But that’s the fun of design work… making it work on multiple sizes and shapes.

I should mention that Zazzle postage is available in the U.S. but I don’t know about the Zazzle sites in other countries.

You can view a few more of our designs below, including some from The Thinkers Shop and our brain injury awareness store Brain Redemption.