Three ways to re-use and recycle gallon jugs

A mountain of plastic made us search for ways to re-use and recycle our one gallon water jugs.

When our family relocated from a major urban area to a mostly rural county, we had to give up our weekly curbside Three ways to re-use and recycle gallon jugsrecycling service. It doesn’t exist where we now live.

We also drink bottled water and the gallon jugs were piling up all over the place. There are still bags of squashed plastic bottles in the garage waiting to be driven to the county recycling facility.

In order to not be buried in the stuff ourselves, we had to get creative in re-using gallon water jugs.

So far, we use them as containers for the herbs we’re growing outside, this being a rather warm Florida winter. They also do double duty as indoor lizard-catchers. They work for small frogs that get inside the house, too. We always keep one by the back door and have used it at least a half dozen times since we moved here.

We’ve started a Pinterest board to expand on the various uses for leftovers such as these.

When it gets warm enough to plant in the ground, the tops of the jugs can serve as garden cloches to protect the seedlings from bugs and other hungry and digging critters. Instead of cutting off the tops, you cut off the bottoms. Save the lids, so you can remove them on sunny days (so the plants don’t overheat), putting them back on at night and on chilly days.

There’s more DIY stuff like this on our Pinterest page: