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Presented by Barbara Casey "The Tutorial Lady"

Release Your Money Fears... with EFT
Guest Expert: Carna Zacharias-Miller, Certified EFT Practitioner


Barbara Casey, The Tutorial Lady

The Presidential race is constantly turning our attention to the troubled U.S. economy and the news networks have been reporting daily worldwide bank and business failures. Even the Comedy Channel has got into the act, calling CNN's (bald) financial reporter "the hairless prophet of doom."

So it's no wonder that many of us are experiencing that old "knot-in-the-stomach" anxiety about the state of our finances... and the future of our business.

We've all heard that "thoughts become things."

So what we don't want spinning in our mind right now are fearful thoughts, failure thoughts, or thoughts of lack and "not-enough."

On the other hand, we can't ignore those fearful thoughts that get triggered every time we turn on the news.

"When we acknowledge the truth,
we can have power over it."

And that's what our FREE teleclass on October 22 is all about - recognizing and releasing anxieties about our finances and our business future.

Our guest expert is Certified EFT Practitioner Carna Zacharias-Miller, who has gained worldwide renown for her work with Missing Mother Syndrome. Carna is the published author of novels, young adult and children's books and self-help non-fiction. Her two e-books are "The Heart Journal - a Spiritual Workbook" and "The Missing Mother Handbook - How to Heal Childhood Abandonment and Rejection with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)."

Carna calls EFT her "healing grail," and has found it to be a valuable tool for connecting with and releasing emotions that even years of psychotherapy could not accomplish. Her client testimonials attest to this. 

In this timely teleclass, Carna Zacharias-Miller will:

(1) Expertly guide us through a group EFT experience to help us stay above the mass consciousness of financial doom and gloom

(2) Sensitively work with individual participants on personal money issues

(3) Help us take back our "money power" by giving us ideas we can continue to work with on our own.

It is essential to release our money fears and thoughts of lack (not-enough clients, credit line might be cut, worry about loans being called, cutting back on advertising...) if we want to keep our business healthy through the times ahead.

I hope you'll be able to join me, Barbara Casey, and my guest expert Carna Zacharias-Miller for this timely teleclass: "Release Your Money Fears with EFT."

Just scroll down for the sign-up form. If you can't make the teleclass in person, your registration will include the MP3 Audio of the class.

And... If you're not familiar with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT):
(1) You'll receive pre-class handouts describing the technique, and
(2) Carna will give a brief introduction to EFT at the beginning of the teleclass.

Barbara Casey




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