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Between Basic Needs and Bliss
(c) Copyright 2006 by Barbara Casey

I believe that we are eternal beings who come to Earth from time to time to experience something new or to help others. We draft our life's outline before we arrive and then hope we remember who we are and what we want to accomplish while we're here.

Sometimes, however, we get so wrapped up in the status quo of what's going on that we forget our original mission for awhile.

But over time, as we evolve in consciousness, the mainstream of life has less attraction for us and we tend to pull away from the pack. This can leave us temporarily in a no-man's-land between security and bliss.

So how do we continue to take care of our basic needs when our nervous system has increasing difficulty functioning in the day to day work grind (not to mention daily commute!) that most people face?

Many of us, at this point, simplify our lives, so that our direct cash needs are fewer. Others of us band together in communities, pooling resources and lending mutual support for the journey.

A good number start home businesses, either based on skills we learned while in a mainstream job, or centered on new work that we are strongly attracted to.

But building a business takes time. And a new skill - marketing - must be learned, if we are to be successful in meeting our needs as well as we did before. When the lessons of business and marketing are not attended to, our business can flounder, leaving us in doubt, not to mention debt, and with some anxiety about the future.

That's why I'm always making suggestions about marketing resources to try, hoping that the ideas will "click" and our business can proceed smoothly and successfully. I have posted a list of these resources here. Just pick one... and work with it. They're all excellent tools for building a great home-based business.

(I put asterisks in front of my top 3 recommended resources... and one of them is a freebie.)

When you click on the link below, you'll also find a few of my favorite resources for raising personal energy, with reasons why this is important for raising the vitality of your business.

Some of these may already be amongst your favorite techniques and tools... but I figure we could all use a little reminder that walking in nature, inspirational music and books and meditation are necessary for raising our business energy and not something to be set aside "until we have more time."

To really enjoy the "bliss" part of our life, it helps to secure our finances. To secure our finances, it helps to include some bliss into the marketing mix.

For me, it's a morning meditation before I sit down at my computer. I get my best business ideas during this reflective time.

Where do you add bliss into your marketing plan?

Click here for inspired marketing ideas and tools.

(c) Copyright by Barbara Casey.






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