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How to Make Keyboard Bullets, Copyright, Trademark,
Hearts, French Accents, & Other Symbols with the Alt Key

Tutorial Lady's Guide to Alt Key Symbols

150 Symbols for Alt Key, Unicode and HTML plus
instructions for all three methods in PDF or Kindle format
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Even though I write in English, I've often needed to type a name or word in French, German or Spanish, using letters with accents such as , , or . But they aren't on my English keyboard. So many times I had to use e' when what I really wanted was the accented . There are many words in common usage that require these accents: rsum, tte--tte, la carte....

Here's How You Can Make Keyboard Symbols with the "Alt" Key

...and Unicode and HTML numeric code formats, too!

Keyboard symbols work best with common text fonts: Arial, Courier New and Times New Roman.

(1) Here's How to Make Windows Alt Key Symbols
Using the numeric keypad (NumLock on), hold down the Alt Key and press the numbers shown, in succession. Then let up the Alt Key.

(2) This is the Way to Insert Unicode Symbols
Type capital letter U, the plus sign (+) and the numbers and letters as shown, in succession. Then hold down the Alt Key and press letter x. Then let up the Alt Key.

(3) Online We Need to Know HTML Numeric Codes
Type the Ampersand symbol, followed by the Number sign - &# - and then the numbers in order - followed by a semi-colon.

A few examples:

Alt, 0, 1, 6, 9  is for Print
U+00A9 (Alt, x) for Unicode
&#169 followed by ; for HTML

Alt, 0, 1, 4, 9 is for Print
U+2022 (Alt, x) for Unicode
&#8226 followed by ; for HTML

Cent Sign
Alt, 0, 1, 6, 2 is for Print
U+00A2 (Alt, x) for Unicode
&#162 followed by ; for HTML

French accent e acute -
Alt, 0, 2, 3, 3 is for Print
U+00E9 (Alt, x) for Unicode
&#233 followed by ; for HTML


This tutorial has been revised and updated at Squidoo and HubPages



Making Graphics with Text Fonts:

In print publications such as flyers, it's useful to know how to make check boxes, checkmarks or scissors. You get these symbols with Wingding (comes with Word) and Dingbat fonts that let you add even more pizzazz to your documents with hearts, stars, arrows, fancy bullets, spacers and more.

A few Dingbat-style symbols come with your text fonts!
(These work with Times New Roman and Arial, but not web-style fonts such as Verdana)

Smiley face is Alt, 1

Heart is Alt, 3

Diamond is Alt, 4

Club is Alt, 5

Spade is Alt, 6

Bullet is Alt, 7

Bullet is Alt, 8

Music Notes is Alt, 1, 4

Sun is Alt, 1, 5

(Heart border = Alt, 3 repeated, using Times New Roman 12 point font.)


 The "Original" PDF Alt Key Reports
(without Unicode or HTML symbols)

 Special!  $1.25 for 2 Different Symbols Lists

(1) 300 Alt Key Text Symbols 
(same list as above)

(2) 215 Wingding Symbols
Bullets Astrological Symbols Religious Symbols
Suns Stars Smiley Faces Decorations   Arrows
The symbol codes work best for print publications but NOT always in EMAIL
Remember to click "RETURN TO MERCHANT" for instant download







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