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Simplicity, Truth and the Changing Times

In one of my 3:00 AM spirit meetings, I asked this question: What do those who call themselves "lightworkers" need to do most urgently right now?

The answer came...

Be ready for a move. The energies are shifting rapidly. You don't need to have the details figured out yet; that will be revealed in time. But clear out old "stuff" on the physical and emotional levels.

Leave your 3-D complexities behind. You need the energy to learn new ones... at a new level.

Be mindful. If you awake in the night feeling the urge to get up and write - do so. If you see a person who could use a smile and some personal warmth, provide it. Our development doesn't depend upon rituals, expensive courses or big-name teachers. Evolving our selves happens through the little things... acts of kindness, noticing a tree's dignity, not taking anything or anyone for granted.

"Thou shalt be kind."

Life isn't about learning to manifest things. That's just controlling energy and not the point at all.

What can we do? Always take the high road, keep our vibration high, not lower other people's vibration through our words or actions. Simple stuff, really. Old-fashioned stuff, you might say.

And above all, finding that inner place where our "truth antennae" are the most acute, where we feel what's right more than we think it. We'll need this ability more than ever over the coming few years... as the world as we know it falls apart and the "rescue" plans start to be shouted loudly.

Whether the voices are coming from the physical or non-physical realms, we'll need to be discerning and attuned to truth.

Truth speaks softly.

Truth does not contain fear.

Truth does not control... it just is.

The simple truth will serve us well.

With love,
Barbara Casey

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